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 ETABS Version 9.7.3!

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Quản Trị Diễn Đàn

Tổng số bài gửi : 304
Điểm : 982
Cám ơn : 26
Join date : 13/02/2012
Đến từ : Việt Nam

Bài gửiTiêu đề: ETABS Version 9.7.3!   Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:28 am

ETABS Version 9.7.3

• Object Based Graphical Interface
• Model Templates for Most Steel & Concrete Building Systems
• Models Created Using Building Terminology
• Beam/Column/Brace Frame Objects
• Wall/Slab/Deck Shell Objects with Internal Meshing
• Story Definitions using the Concept of Similar Stories
• Common Labeling of Objects between Similar Stories
• Complex 2D and 3D Shear Walls Interacting with Beams & Columns
• Integrated Graphical Section Designer for Complex Frame Shapes
• Editing with Move, Merge, Mirror and Replicate
• Accurate Dimensioning with Guidelines and Snapping
• Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flexible Floor Diaphragm Definitions
• Powerful Extrusion Command for Generating Ramps
• Auto Line Constraints for Mismatched Wall Meshes
• Quick Draw Options for Object Creation
• Draw Command for Easily Adding Openings to Floors
• Support for Multiple Coordinate Systems
• Powerful Grouping and Selection Options
• Automatic Generation of Code Lateral Wind and Seismic Loads
• Automatic-Permutation of Wind Directions and Eccentricities
• Transfer of Loads from Decks/Slabs to Beams and Walls
• Vertical Area Loads in Any Shape or Configuration
• Cracked Properties – Property Modification Factors
• Gravity, Pressure and Thermal Loading
• Wind Loading on Open Structures
• Sequencing Allowing Adding or Removing Objects/Loads/Supports
• Buildings with Base Isolation and Inter-Story Dampers

• Static/Dynamic Analysis for Frame and Shear Wall Buildings (N, P)
• Response Spectrum Analysis with Eigen or Ritz Vectors (N, P)
• P-Delta Analysis (N, P)
• Automated Center of Rigidity Calculations (N, P)
• Rigid, Semi-Rigid, Multiple and Flexible Floor Diaphragms (N, P)
• Frame Objects Drawn as Members – Automatically Meshed (N, P)
• Automatic Meshing of Decks/Slabs for Diaphragm Analysis (N, P)
• Wall/Slab/Deck Modeled with Shell, Plate or Membrane Types (N, P)
• Applied Force and Ground Displacement Loading (N, P)
• Seismic Acceleration or Displacement Time History Analysis (N, P)
• Wind Load Forcing Functions (N, P)
• Explicit Panel-Zone Deformations (N, P)
• Effects of Beam-Column Partial Fixity (N, P)
• Construction Sequence Loading Analysis (N)
• Frame Hinges for Axial, Flexural, Shear & Torsional Behavior (N)
• Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis (N)
• Viscous Dampers (N)
• Base Isolators (N)
• Gap Object for Structural Pounding (N)
• Nonlinear Time History Analysis with the Wilson FNA Method (N)
• Large Displacement Analysis (N)
• Sequential Construction Analysis (N)

• Model Effects of Construction or Demolition
• Specify Active Structure by Stories or Groups
• Geometric Nonlinear P-Delta and Large Displacements
• Sequential Construction Load Cases for Design
• User Defined Loading

• FEMA 273, ATC-40
• Force-Deformation Relations for Steel & Concrete Hinges
• Modal, Uniform, or User Defined Lateral Load Patterns
• Capacity Spectrum Conversions
• Effective Damping Calculation
• Demand Spectrum Comparisons
• Performance Point Calculation
• Summary Reports including Plastic Hinge Deformations

• Steel Frame Design for AISC-ASD & LRFD, UBC, British, Canadian,
Italian and Euro Codes
• Concrete Frame Design for ACI, UBC, British, Canadian, New
Zealand, Indian, Mexican and Euro Codes
• Composite Beam Design for AISC-ASD & LRFD, British and Canadian
• Concrete Shear Wall Design for American, British & Canadian Codes
• Automated Steel Joist (K or KCS) Selection
• Design for Static and Dynamic Loads
• Floor Vibration Analysis with Murray Damping
• Automatic Calculation of Moment Magnification Factors
• Automatic Calculation of K-Factors & P-Delta Effects
• Steel Frame Design Offers Automatic Member Selection
• Seismic Requirements for Special Moment-Resisting Frames
• Automatic Tributary-Area Live Load Reduction
• Graphical Section Designer for Complex and Built-Up Shapes
• Special Moment Beam Types for Steel Frames
• Virtual Work Based Optimization for Lateral Deflections
• Camber and Stud Requirements for Composite Beams
• Grouping for Design Envelopes
• Designed for Biaxial-Moment/Axial-Load Interaction
• Seismic Check of Beam/Column Joints in Concrete Frames
• Automated Effects of Panel-Zone Deformations on Lateral Drift
• Doubler Plate and Continuity Plate Design
• Seismic Design for Concentric/Eccentrically Braced Steel Frames
• Display of Reinforcing for Columns, Beams and 3D Shear Walls
• Shored and Un-Shored Design for Composite Beams

Download: bạn nào dùng Etabs thì sẽ bit load cái nào rùi nhỉ. có 2 phiên bản (3 link) và thêm 1 link phần mềm CSiXRevit 2009 and 2010
1. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

2. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
and Structures, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of CSiXRevit, a
link that allows for data exchange between ETABS® v9.7.3 and Autodesk
Revit® Structure 2012. CSiXRevit supports true round-tripping,
specifically - four different workflows of data interchange:

1) Exporting from Revit Structure to create a new ETABS model
2) Exporting from Revit Structure to update an existing ETABS model
3) Importing from ETABS to create a new Revit Structure model
4) Importing from ETABS to update an existing Revit Structure model.

The CSiXRevit link is a powerful integration tool, allowing you to maximize the capabilities of ETABS and Revit® Structure 2012.

have fun!

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ETABS Version 9.7.3!

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